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    About Joe Gleese Cincinnati, OH Hi, everyone! I'm very excited about being offered free personal websites to exhibit and promote our ASCAP demo CD and my songs, which are now being heard on streaming radio! I'm also very happy about the worldwide exposure and promotion of the extraordinarily talented musicians and recording engineer who so graciously took delight in producing our ASCAP CD. My name now appears on,, and (Search Joe Gleese.) Here are websites on which my songs and the ASCAP demo CD appear: (Search Joe Gleese.); (Search Joe Gleese.);;;;;;; These general websites would also offer free websites to you and your other friends! We could all be linked to one another, too! Please join my fan clubs and friends. I'd be greatly honored if you would also post a photo of yourself! Please seriously consider performing my songs. It would give me great pleasure to learn that my songs served to enhance, expand, and promote your musical careers! Thanks a million for your interest in them! If you would like to send me your email address, I'd be very happy to email to you as attachments the lead sheets to my songs, the French and Spanish verses to ONE DESIRE, and mp3 piano, bass, and drums rhythm tracks, with or without the vocal tracks. I am greatly honored that such gifted musicians here at the University of Cincinnati College Conservatory of Music have taken delight in producing the ASCAP demo CD of my songs. I have received an international publishing invitation for the English lyrics from Noble House in the United Kingdom. I'm a member of ASCAP (American Society of Composers, Authors, and Publishers) in New York City, and my compositions are registered with ASCAP. All of us hope you'll enjoy our ASCAP CD! Thanks a million for all your help and support in enhancing and expanding the exposure of our ASCAP CD and my compositions! Works written by: GLEESE, ALBERT JOSEPH, JR.; Society: ASCAP; CAE/IPI No. 533.38.16.61: (1) ONE DESIRE (Title Code: 451350735); (2) THE FLOWERS (Title Code: 504192430); (3) WHEN WE FELL IN LOVE (Title Code: 532322951). Marguerite Bourgeois, vocalist; Phil Bowden, bassist; Dan Dorff, drummer; Scott Forney, trombonist; Karl Kerfoot, guitarist; Darijus Spakauskas, recording engineer; Erwin Stuckey, arranger and pianist. Piano, bass, and drums were recorded on July 6, 2006; vocal, July 22, 2006; guitar and trombone, March 25, 2007. Most gratefully to you always for your friendship and our mutual interest in music and admiration of each others' musical talents! Joe;; (513) 281-5647 Achievements Top 10, Top 40, Top 40:


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