Rock / Pop


The voodoo quartet was born from the complementarity of 4 musicians and 4 different backgrounds and experiences. Jean?s Cotton and Niko revealed themselves as musicians and composers thanks to their experience in Artmaniac a band created in 2000. With this band, they played an energic music and a rock influenced a lot by led zeppelin. Finally, in 2007, they decide to create a new concept. This new group, Voodoo, has really existed since they were joined by Minter D, and then by Pascal. Pascal, music player for 20 years, brought his own artistic sensibility and his experiences in jazz, rock and world music. Mister D, drummer and percussionist, has played in several pop, rock and jazz projects; he has also imposed his experience of rythm. On stage, their successful music blends groove & blues, people are carried away by a light taste of American music. But Voodoo also performs powerful & well-composed electric rock. People will appreciate the craziest music tracks, and the ?voodoo concept? takes all its meaning when the musicians play with samples. Thanks to their subtle and efficient music, Voodoo carries you into its powerful pop rock universe, and their album ?Wilderness? is the proof.